untold stories of the past

Capturing lifetime moments

Through out history, architecture has stood as a representation of society. Reflecting the values, successes, and eventual downfall of civilizations over time.

A more inhumane approach to mental health

Throughout history, architecture and industry has stood as a representation of society,

Abandoned transportation. From cars and plains too  unbelievable machinery

From monumental structures too residences and  buildings that make up the heart of a city we can learn a lot. We can learn about the people who inhabited this city long before our time.

Walking through the dust of time will make you wander, it will make think about several travesties. What happened here ….

Shrouded in mystery are these incredible abandoned palaces and castles

Once grand and imposing structures, these abandoned mansions used to be the talk of the town 

Encounter fine urban art, unique in its own way or ….. unique in an odd way. Want to know more …. contact me

My favorite photo styles

Each artist has his or her own style and preferences. Mine .. you will see below

Patri et Filio spiritui sancto, abandoned holy places of worship. These churches, chapels, and synagogues may be abandoned, but much of their original architecture remains. Lost and found religious buildings across severall countries.

Shrouded in mystery, these incredible abandoned palaces and castles … these exquisite palaces ended up deserted by their owners.

Through out history, architecture and industry have stood as a representation of society, reflecting the values …… abandoned engineering.

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Each artist has his or her own story to tell. My art is not just a handicraft, it is the transmission of a feeling I have experienced. Encountering the most beautiful and fascinating urban and derelict sceneries .

I have my own stories to tell, and so do my artworks. The power of the message each artwork creates is different for everyone, which is its magic. Each work is a story on its own light. And I will show you your story.