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Martijn Walet


    My mission with photography and art is to observe and capture the beauty of the past. To create beautiful images to uplift, encourage, and inspire others to think what’s the story. Join me.


    In photography, vision is the power of observation; it’s how you notice things that are worth capturing, how you document things that are worth remembering, how you see stories that are worth telling.

Believe me, my journey has not been easy. There have been many ups and downs throughout it. It is, however, the choices that I made that have shaped my urban world. Today I can call myself an Urban Photographer
My art speaks were words are unable to explain


Walking through the ashes of time, flaring up the dust of that what once was. Being aware of the energetic life that once embraced this place. A passion for abandoned places.

I am Martijn Walet, Urban Photographer, with a passion for abandoned (or derelict) locations. That moment when I feel the warmth of the sun embrace me, even on the coldest winter days. Walking towards this ‘new’ beauty who was lost and forgotten in time. This doesn’t just warm up my body, it warms up my mind. It gives a certain sensation which is incomprehensible.The transitions some of these places make during their years of abandonment, it gives me a rush. A rush to explore, a rush to capture it with my camera. Eager to bring the past back to life. Every time I walk in to a certain location, I am aware of the belongings people have left behind. Some for no reason in particular, others for reasons unknown to me. Every location has it’s own rich history. If only the walls could talk, they would tell you an absolute Hollywood story. In sometimes I’ll learn the history of a location and there I will encounter attributes that will throw me back 40/50 years. Stunned, amazed and enamoured it has been “frozen” in time. That is the atmosphere I love to capture…..


Urban Photography requires a good eye for composition and a lot of imagination. It is that imagination that is captured in the photograph: not just what is, but what once was.


I choose my journeys carefully. Searching enchanting locations and taking risks entering locations. I love to tell the story and am daring to take the risk.


I love to capture the stories in my photographs. But to give you an idea, I write about the places I visit and the feeling they give me. My stories are there to envelop you as if it is your story


Only the most impressive of my photographs are turned into mesmerising artworks. Different images, styles, colours and emotions. Printed on materials that enhance the special features of the artwork.

Every Urban Art image is printed in a limited edition.


The Artworks are exibited in my online gallery. For current exhibitions, check my website.


Art by photography can enhance your interior. Looking for a special image? Contact me for possibilities.



A glimpse of my portfolio, set in a number of series. Encounter the beauty of decay and abandonment.

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Fine Urban Art

Fine Urban Art

Art is not just a handicraft, it is the transmission of a feeling I have experienced.

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Come along, "walk" with me and join me on my journeys. I'll show you some beautiful places.

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My History



    Over the years many I have done photography learnings and courses to come to this level.


    I make use of Canon Pro Gear and nothing else


    As one the the few professional photographers in the Netherlands, fully offshore certificated.


    Guest jury member at the perfecte plaatje rtl4, urbex theme. Invited by william rutten

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