my art speaks where words are unable to explain

Martijn walet

urban photographer

Martijn Walet

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Walking through the ashes of time, flaring up the dust that once was. Being aware of the energetic life that once embraced this place. A passion for abandoned places.

That moment when I feel the warmth of the sun embrace me, even on the coldest winter days. Walking towards this ‘new’ beauty who was lost and forgotten by time. This doesn’t just warm up my body, it warms up my mind. It gives a certain sensation which is incomprehensible.

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some stories

have to be experienced

Martijn Walet

The Story

Thinking back …… it all started back in the eighties with an innocent visit to a desolate French church. I was young, crawling through the brush and there I was. Standing in front of this desolate and decaying church.

I had no idea what I was doing at the time…..but looking back that is where I found my passion, that is where my journey begun.

Capturing the deserted, portraying a story.



Encounter an unique glimpse into the world of the abandoned. A world where time stood still, where dust settled down again, yet the stories remained. Feel the past and experience it in this photo book. The book contains 100+ high-quality photos, taken during the adventures of the past years.

MW Bureau Central in Color

The stories of the past

Narrative photography is the idea that photographs can be used to tell a story. Allen Feldman stated that “the event is not what happens. The event is that which can be narrated”. Because photography captures single discrete moments

Through the lens of my camera I’ll take you to a world that is unknown to many. A world that used to be full of life, energy and experiences, yet one that has been abandoned for decades
A world that became my Urban Art, my way to narrate,  my way to capture discretely.



kings & queens

According to legend and stories from ancient times, a wooden country house owned by Count von Strawitz would have stood on this spot 500 years ago. What was later converted into a larger and larger complex, eventually into a beautiful castle.

Inside the castle I stumbled upon a special staircase, a special one where the light falls beautifully through the outside. My mouth really drops open in surprise. Presented as a L.E. artwork


Below you will find a glimpse of my photos. Check out my portfolio or my instagram page for more. Interested in a unique piece of art, I would be happy to contact you.