A life of Laziness

Shrouded in mystery, these incredible abandoned palaces and castles … these exquisite palaces ended up deserted by their owners. With respect for the former owners I’ve entered these premises. Built to last, built to impress, built with style and grandeur – it is all the more remarkable when the most ostentatious of buildings fall into disrepair and become so interesting to me.

A characterized life

Living a life of laziness generally refers to a lifestyle characterized by a lack of motivation, productivity, and engagement in meaningful activities. While everyone deserves rest and relaxation, embracing a consistently lazy lifestyle can have negative consequences on various aspects of life, including physical health, mental well-being, relationships, and personal growth.

Abandoned cultural theaters are unique cultural relics that showcase the grandeur and artistic history of a bygone era. These theaters were once vibrant spaces for performing arts, hosting various forms of entertainment like plays, operas, concerts, and dance performances. However, due to factors such as changing artistic tastes, economic challenges, or urban development, some theaters have been abandoned and left in a state of neglect. Exploring these abandoned theaters can evoke a sense of nostalgia and curiosity about their past glory

end of the show

One of the most famous abandoned theatres around, happened to be one I’ve had on my bucket list for so many years. Each time we planned, something got in the way. It seemed like it wasn’t meant to be.

On a chilly December day, the moment had arrived. Adequate preparation is a must for this theater – a descent of about 4 to 5 meters precedes entry. And let’s not overlook the towering wall that must be scaled before reaching the theater’s “entrance”.

The adventure began well before setting foot inside.

This theatre was built back in 1851 by a [at that time] very famous architect. Once finished, the theatre became known as one of the biggest in a non-capitol city. The theatre was renovated in 1887 and again in 1933 due to the passing of time. The interior and design were reconsidered, in addition to the classic maintenance work.

In 1978 the roof collapsed due to heavy snow and the complex has been falling apart ever since. The snow was kind of the last curtain, that finally fell down as an end to this magical theatre.