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Telling stories

A passion for abandoned places and the journeys among. Listen to the stories, join me.

Sharing about your work, work that you do with all your passion and energy, may be one of the most beautiful things there is. Taking enthusiasts, art lovers, and listeners on a journey through my stories. Stories that revolve around what once was, the beauty of decay.

Drawing from years of exploration and immersion in the urban art scene, I bring a unique perspective and a discerning eye to every piece in my collection. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, I aim to foster a sense of connection and discovery, inviting you to explore, question, and appreciate the rich tapestry of creativity that surrounds us.

Join me on this journey into the heart of Urban Art—a world where imagination knows no bounds, and every brushstroke tells a story. Together, let's celebrate the diversity, the passion, and the boundless potential of contemporary art.

Welcome to my Urban World. Feel free and contact me......

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Urban Photography requires a good eye for composition and a lot of imagination. It is that imagination that is captured in the photograph: not just what is, but what once was.


I choose my journeys carefully. Searching enchanting locations and taking risks entering locations. I love to tell the story and am daring to take the risk.


I love to capture the stories in my photographs. But to give you an idea, I write about the places I visit and the feeling they give me. My stories are there to envelop you as if it is your story


Only the most impressive of my photographs are turned into mesmerising artworks. Different images, styles, colours and emotions. Printed on materials that enhance the special features of the artwork.

Every Urban Art image is printed in a limited edition.


The Artworks are exibited in several gallery. For current exhibitions, check my website. I bring you my Urban Art. A carefully curated perspective of the contemporary art world. My philosophy offers you an approachable behind-the-scenes look into the work of new, emerging, and established art


Art by photography can enhance your interior. Looking for a unique piece of art. Produced as no other or a special image? Contact me for possibilities.


My History



    Over the years many I have done photography learnings and courses to come to this level.


    I make use of Canon Pro Gear. Canon ESO R5, Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8, Canon RF 24-105mm f2.8, Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8


    As one the the few professional photographers in the Netherlands, fully offshore certificated.


    Guest jury member at the perfecte plaatje rtl4, urbex theme. Invited by william rutten



A glimpse of my portfolio, set in a number of series. Encounter the beauty of decay and abandonment.

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Fine Urban Art

Fine Urban Art

Art is not just a handicraft, it is the transmission of a feeling I have experienced.

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Come along, "walk" with me and join me on my journeys. I'll show you some beautiful places.

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