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I am Martijn Walet, Urban Photographer, with a passion for abandoned and derelict locations. That moment when I feel the warmth of the sun embrace me, even on the coldest winter days; Walking towards this ‘new’ beauty which was lost and forgotten in time; This doesn’t just warm up my body, it warms up my entire mind. It gives me a certain sensation which is incomprehensible. The realisation of all the transitions some of these places make during their years of abandonment, gives me a rush. A rush to explore, a rush to capture it with my camera. Eager to bring the past back to life.

Download the press kit. Our press kit includes our logos, photos, text, artworks and the logo in various file formats, along with mood images of our artworks and photos of Martijn

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Het Perfecte Plaatje

Acting as a jury member during the television program "Het Perfecte Plaatje" IDTV - RTL4, an honor to be asked by William Rutten and Cynthia Bol.

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Exploring Armenia

Exploring Armenia can be a fascinating experience, given its rich history, diverse landscapes, and unique cultural heritage. It all started at the airport, where I was waiting .....

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Remarkable Exposition

A remarkable exposition in Doesburg NL, including artworks made in the former CCCP. The exhibition is dedicated to the people in Armenia / Nokoro Karabach.

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