Back on Track

In the last 100 years our worldwide transport has taken a flight. So much so that the most beautiful transportation objects are doomed to be replaced in a matter of time. Not just cars; trains, planes and even industrial transportation are no exception. Along the road I’ve been travelling I’m sure to find some beauties “laying” around. The best vehicles are the ones that are timeless.

cherised reminders

While newer and more efficient transportation modes continue to emerge, there is still appreciation for the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of certain vehicles from the past. These vehicles possess a classic design or aesthetic appeal that transcends time and resonates with enthusiasts and collectors. They serve as reminders of the rich history of transportation and hold a special place in our hearts.

While newer technologies and designs continue to shape the transportation industry, the beauty and timelessness of certain vehicles endure. They serve as cherished reminders of our transportation heritage .

Renovation and revitalization

Tucked away in a wooded section of wilderness, you will find this incredible place. A place full of deserted cars, the grounds still property of the heirs. Free to walk around, so long as I harbored and acted out of respect.

As I walked these grounds, I knew I couldn’t capture its beauty in the limited time I had... If only I could’ve stayed a whole week.

The scrapyard was initially founded by two reclusive brothers (Rune and Tore) in the 1950’s, who collected old, abandoned cars.
Customers mainly came from Norway, where, at the time, there were strict laws on importing cars. The brothers demounted a car into several pieces and then transported the pieces to Norway, where they were reassembled. A clever way to circumvent those laws.

Present day, the scrapyard comprises around 1000 vehicles and enjoys the reputation of being the only scrapyard of its kind in Northern Europe. Most of the cars and busses found there are from the 1950’s and 60’s.

The former scrapyard has today been transformed by visitors and can be redefined as a car graveyard. This car graveyard can be seen as a monument over passed time and is currently something of an art installation, with nature as an active curator.

Båstnäs car graveyard, a place that seems to live in its own “time and space bubble.

Though in some cases “quality never goes out of style”.