Patri et Filio Spiritui Sancto

To the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, this chapter is dedicated to the beautiful yet abandoned holy places around. Through out history, architecture has stood as a representation of society, reflecting the values, successes, and eventual downfall of civilizations over time. From the monumental structures to the residences and buildings that make up the fabric of a city, we can learn a lot about who the people were who inhabited them long before our time

Reglious edfice

These abandoned churches or other reglious edifice in several countries are now crumbling after being abandoned. Some of the original architecture remains, like stunning stained-glass windows and gilded altars. Other features, however, have been lost as these churches, chapels, and synagogues are overtaken by nature. 

These churches, chapels, and synagogues may be abandoned, but much of their original architecture remains. For me, it is the colors and shapes that make this unique architecture interesting. But of course also the stories of the past, in some cases I still find attributes from the past.

Precisely this subject of religion is what a young “me” found to be so intreging ...... this is what me got exploring.

swallowed by nature

The presence of a thermal spring, inside this church, a fascinating and unique sight. Chiesa di San Vittorino is one of the many decaying former churches scattered across Italy. Her fundings date back to Roman period when the premisses used to be a temple.

What makes this abandoned church one-of-a-kind is the fact that it was eventually swallowed by water. “Terme di Cotilia,” a well-known thermal spring, is close enough that the water made its way into the church through a subterranean stream that broke out into a sinkhole. Eventually, water made its way to the surface, flooding the entire church from the inside and flowing outside through the front door.

Ofcourse the water sunk the ground beneath the fundings, led to the downfall of the church. The region encountered two heavy earthquakes (1703 & 1979), yet San Vittorino remains untill this day.

Blue Chapel
Blue Chapel

blue chapel

Over the years, I've explored numerous abandoned chapels, each with its own unique character. Among them stands a chapel adorned with vibrant colors, though now showing signs of considerable decay. Adjacent to this chapel lies a spacious area designed for communal gatherings and collective prayers.