Walking through the ashes of time, flaring up the dust that once was. Being aware of the energetic life that once embraced this place. A passion for abandoned places.

That moment when I feel the warmth of the sun embrace me, even on the coldest winter days. Walking towards this ‘new’ beauty which was lost and forgotten in time. This doesn’t just warm up my body, it warms up my mind. It gives me a certain sensation which is incomprehensible.

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Martijn Walet Photography



“When she Sings” is an ode to one of the most beautiful personalities I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I've rarely met a lady with such a soft, friendly and sincere personality as Nvard. Nvard took us to this temple, this very specific place. While I was busy working, she started singing beautifully. Can you imagine what her voice sounded like in this room? She sang in a universal language that made goosebumps run all over my body.

Encounter a unique glimpse into the world of the abandoned. A world where time stood still, where dust settled down, yet the stories remained. Feel the past and experience it in this artwork.

Martijn Walet Photography


control the power

The Power Station, the largest electrical generation plant in the world after its construction in 1912. The Power Station was the pinnacle of technological progress in Europe. Yet its legacy may ultimately be defined more by its intricate Art Deco design than by its groundbreaking technology. Designed and built by architects with a vision (The “plant” was finished in 1914) that went beyond mere industrial functionality, the historic parts of the power plant are safeguarded by Hungarian legislation. Preventing demolition, though not ensuring regular preservation. 

The original part of the power plant supplied Budapest with electricity until 2007, after which it passed into private ownership.

One of the "pillars" of this great location is the glass Art Deco roof, truly beautiful to see. The factory is abandoned but closely guarded. For me, the control room is an absolute holy grail to visit. A true industrial gem.

Presented as a limited edition artwork



Exposition Urban Serenity

St. Pancratius church in Hoogeloon The 100th anniversary of the St. Pancratius Church in Hoogeloon will mark a unique anniversary in 2024.…

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Manicomio di R.

MANICOMIO DI R For an extended period of time, I eagerly anticipated my visit to Manicomio di R. Why, you might ask? Because this place…

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Hajmáskér Military Castle

HAJMÁSKÉR MILITARY CASTLE My exploration at Hajmáskér Military Castle (or Hajmasker Castle) that day was straightforward, accompanied by…

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the Stories within -  Through the Ashes of Time

the Stories within - Through the Ashes of Time

A BRAND new book with 260 pages, full of images and stories. Some photos were taken in locations that have never been explored before. In this book I will take you with me on my journeys. Through the lens of my camera I take you to a world that is unknown to many. A world that used to be full of life, energy and experiences, but has now been abandoned for decades.

You will get familiar with some locations I have visited over the passed years, as I tell you their and my story. Cast a unique glance into the world of the abandoned. A world where time stood still, where dust has settled again, yet the stories remained. Feel the past and experience it in this photo book. The book contains a massive load of high-quality photographs taken during my adventures of the past years.

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Urban Fine art

Beautiful Lake View

fine art with museum glass The site is huge, the site has a long history. One owned by a politician…

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Traffic Jam In The Woods

Change the art in your home in an instant. With our textile cloths you will have a new beautiful…

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Silence is Numb

Step into a realm frozen in time, untouched by the passage of decades; In the middle of the city,…

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