Petrogas Offshore Platform A12

 -  October 01, 2023  -    Offshore Photography


The Petrogas A12-FA is an active conventional gas field situated in shallow waters off the coast of the Netherlands. Photographing locations at sea is special. Very different from regular photography or urban photography. In the Netherlands there are only a few certified offshore photographers. Not every corporate photographer is allowed to make an offshore to take photos there. There are strict rules for that. To become an offshore photographer you are required to obtain specific certificates. I am one of the few offshore photographers in the Netherlands.

Platform Petrogas A12

On behalf of Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of the A12 platform, drawing inspiration from my previous work on the Petrogas Hoorn and Helder platforms. Through the lens of my camera, I endeavor to document the unique stories and experiences that unfold on these platforms. Each project offers a new perspective and an opportunity to highlight the dynamic and diverse environments that define Petrogas.

Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V.

Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V. is a prominent player in the realm of crude oil and natural gas processing and transportation. Our expertise lies in managing the intricate process of refining and moving these valuable resources efficiently and safely. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, we own and operate cutting-edge infrastructure both onshore and offshore to facilitate the transport of oil and gas from eleven extraction sites situated on the Dutch Continental Shelf.

Our strategically located facilities and pipelines ensure seamless connectivity, enabling us to meet the demands of the energy market effectively. By leveraging advanced technologies and adhering to stringent safety standards, Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V. plays a pivotal role in driving the energy sector forward while minimizing environmental impact.

Explore how Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V. is reshaping the landscape of oil and gas transportation with their comprehensive solutions and commitment to excellence.


A12-FA is an active conventional gas field situated in shallow waters off the coast of the Netherlands. Operated by Petrogas E&P Netherlands, this field exemplifies the region's robust natural gas production capabilities. The A12-FA field is strategically located in block A12a, at a water depth of approximately 115 feet. According to GlobalData, a leading provider of data and analytics that monitors over 34,000 active and developing oil and gas fields worldwide, A12-FA plays a critical role in the energy landscape of the Netherlands. This field's operations contribute significantly to meeting the country's energy demands, while also adhering to the stringent environmental and safety standards set by Petrogas and regulatory authorities.

The A12-FA conventional gas field has successfully recovered 91.84% of its total recoverable reserves, achieving peak production in 2009. Based on current economic projections, production is expected to continue until the field reaches its economic limit in 2031. Presently, the A12-FA field contributes approximately 3% of the Netherlands' daily natural gas output.

Offshore Photogenic

Offshore platforms can be very photogenic and so is Petrogas A12. Their dramatic structures, often set against the backdrop of the sea and sky, provide striking visual elements that can make for compelling photographs. The interplay of natural light with the industrial forms, the vibrant activity of operations, and the expansive oceanic vistas all contribute to their photogenic qualities. Photographers often capture the rugged beauty, the scale of human engineering, and the dynamic environment that characterize offshore platforms.

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Certified Offshore Photography

Commissioned by Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V