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 -  July 05, 2023  -    Offshore Photography


The Hoorn platform, operated by Petrogas EP, has been a vital part of North Sea oil production since 1976. Photographing locations at sea is special. Very different from regular photography or urban photography. In the Netherlands there are only a few certified offshore photographers. Not every corporate photographer is allowed to make an offshore to take photos there. There are strict rules for that. To become an offshore photographer you are required to obtain specific certificates. I am one of the few offshore photographers in the Netherlands.

Platform Petrogas Hoorn

On behalf of Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of the Hoorn (sister of the Helder platform) platform, drawing inspiration from my previous work on the Petrogas Hoorn and Helder platforms. Through the lens of my camera, I endeavor to document the unique stories and experiences that unfold on these platforms. Each project offers a new perspective and an opportunity to highlight the dynamic and diverse environments that define Petrogas.

The Hoorn platform, operated by Petrogas EP, has been a vital part of North Sea oil production since 1976. As the oldest oil-producing offshore platform in the region, following the Helder & Helm platform, it played a significant role in the industry. Located in the Q-field, the platform transports the extracted oil via a pipeline to the oil terminal in Amsterdam.


The Petrogas Hoorn platform is an offshore oil production platform operated by Petrogas Exploration & Production (EP). Originally developed by Unocal/Chevron, it has been in operation since 1976, making it one of the oldest oil-producing platforms in the North Sea, second only to the Helm platform and is now scheduled for dismantling in 2023.

The platform was situated in the Q-field of the North Sea, an area known for its oil and gas reserves. It has been a significant contributor to oil production in the region. The extracted oil is transported via a pipeline to an oil terminal in Amsterdam, highlighting its strategic importance in the supply chain.

Over the decades, the Q1 Hoorn platform has played a crucial role in the development and output of North Sea oil production. Its long operational history is a testament to its importance in the industry. With plans for its dismantling, the platform is set to end its production life. This process involves safely decommissioning the structure and managing any environmental impacts associated with its removal.

The Q1 Hoorn platform's history and contributions to the oil industry are significant, marking it as a notable structure in the North Sea's offshore oil production landscape. The Helder platform has been a prolific oil producer, extracting significant quantities of oil from the Q-field. Its consistent output has contributed to the overall oil supply from the North Sea, benefiting both local and international markets.


With the Hoorn platform scheduled for dismantling, I was asked and tasked by Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V with capturing its essence and beauty through my photography. My mission was to bring the platform's rich history to life. To achieve this, I spent five days on the platform, immersing myself in its environment to capture every facet and preserve its legacy. This wasn't just standard reportage photography; it was about telling stories through my lens.

Platform Hoorn absolutely Photogenic

Offshore platforms can be very photogenic and so is Petrogas Platform Hoorn. Their dramatic structures, often set against the backdrop of the sea and sky, provide striking visual elements that can make for compelling photographs. The interplay of natural light with the industrial forms, the vibrant activity of operations, and the expansive oceanic vistas all contribute to their photogenic qualities. Photographers often capture the rugged beauty, the scale of human engineering, and the dynamic environment that characterize offshore platforms.

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