An oil platform, oil rig, offshore platform, or oil and/or gas production platform is a large structure with facilities to extract, and process petroleum and natural gas that lie in rock formations beneath the seabed. On which a lot of people work very hard.


In photography, vision is the power of observation; it’s how you notice things that are worth capturing, how you document things that are worth remembering, how you see stories that are worth telling.

Martijn Walet Photography

Photographing locations at sea is special. Very different from regular photography or urban photography. In the Netherlands there are only a few certified offshore photographers. Not every corporate photographer is allowed to make an offshore to take photos there. There are strict rules for that. To become an offshore photographer you are required to obtain specific certificates. I am one of the few offshore photographers in the Netherlands.


Capturing the stories of the past at sea

Taking or capturing the stories of the past, that’s what I like to do most. In general I will travel to abandoned industrial locations, to “taste and feel ” the history and stories left behind.


There is no shortage of water around the Globe. And that is why we also have a lot of activity in and on the water: from drilling platforms to land reclamation and from the shipbuilding industry to luxury yachts. All activities regularly demand high-quality photos. To be allowed to take a photo on the water, the correct certification is required.


Walking through the ashes of time, flaring up the dust of that what once was. Being aware of the energetic life that once embraced this place. A passion for abandoned places.

I am an experienced professional photographer who, in addition to offshore photography, specialized in Urban Art. Taking artful pictures of old, abandoned buildings all over the world, forgotten places. Capturing the history and transience in such a way that the image deserves a nice place on the wall. A beautiful bridge to the beautiful industry at sea. A logical step to become an offshore certified photographer.

Are you looking for an experienced corporate photographer? An offshore photographer who tells stories with his photography? Then you’ve come to the right place.

On this page you can see photos of the Petrogas drilling platform Hoorn & Helder. The assignment was very clear: visualize the past in the way you can. Show the history of 45 years of work on the North Sea.