Offshore Photography

Photographing locations at sea is special. Very different from regular photography. In the Netherlands there are only five certified offshore photographers. Not every corporate photographer is allowed to make an offshore to take photos there. There are strict rules for that. To become an offshore photographer you are required to obtain specific certificates.


Proud to announce that of April 2022 I am one of the few certified offshore photographers in the Netherlands.

To be able to take the ultimate offshore photo, I had to obtain the right certifications. For this I followed extensive training in which I was prepared for potentially dangerous situations at sea. 

  • BOSIET with CA-EBS / NOGEPA 0.5A /OPITO 5750
  • HUET Compressed Air Emergency 
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
  • Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • S-Cape Training

Capturing the Legacy

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