Exposition: Silent Witness

 -  March 01, 2024  -    Urban Art / Exhibition

A special exposition

Silent Witness

Proud to announce that I will be exhibiting my works in Doesburg in May during the Silent Witness Exhibition. An exhibition with a very special story. I hereby invite you to witness this exposition.


Opening 11th May 12:00 hour

More dates and info on SilentWitness website

The story behind the exhibition

(told by Silent Witness Expo)

In September 2023, Martijn and Wim were on an urbex photo trip in Armenia. While they were there, tension in the Nagorno Karabakh enclave came to a head. The enclave, inhabited by Armenians, had been completely cut off from the outside world for 9 months. Residents were deprived of food, water, medicine, gas and sometimes even electricity.

As the photo tour started, Azerbaijan started a new war. The phone calls that jack-of-all-trades Nvard received, the things that Wim and Martijn saw and heard up close... it was chilling. Horror stories and direct confrontation with those involved kept them busy.


When they entered a restaurant in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, on one of the last evenings, a long procession of demonstrating Armenians passed by. They silently demonstrated for a solution for their fellow countrymen, family and friends. It hit Martijn. And while the rest of the group was inside, Martijn said to Wim: “I want to do something with this, help, something concrete.” Both were very touched by the long procession of people demonstrating, knowing what was going on not far from them.

In the following time, the enclave was purged and about 120,000 people entered Armenia. They often live provisionally. In houses that are too small. Without work. Without stuff. And completely disillusioned. This exhibition aims to tell the story of Armenia and help the affected residents of Nagorno Karabakh at the same time.

Armenia faced economic challenges during its early years of independence. However, the country has undertaken economic reforms and diversification efforts to improve its economic situation. The political landscape has experienced changes and developments since independence.

With a rich cultural heritage, including ancient architecture, literature, and traditions. The Armenian Genocide during World War I remains a significant historical event that has shaped the country's collective memory. The Armenian diaspora is spread across the world, particularly in countries like Russia, the United States, and France. The diaspora has played a crucial role in supporting Armenia economically and politically.


Wim has been taking photographs since he was a teenager. If he left school early, he would jump on his bike and ride into the woods with a camera around his neck. He continued to take photographs. In the studio. Night photography. Car photography and his great love: urbex photography. Read more about Wim.

Martijn is a passionate photographer / artist, always looking for the story in AND behind the picture. Which he turns into true works of art. It is therefore not surprising to want to visit the former Soviet Union. Read more about Martijn.

is an Armenian photographer who focuses on social and personal stories. Anush recently published her book on Nagorno Karabakh called 'A Troubled Home'.

Anush is the winner of the 2019 Canon Female Photojournalist Grant and a recipient of the Prix Photo Terre Solidaire. She is a winner in the World Press Photo 2023 Contest's Long Term Projects category. Her works have been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic, Foreign Policy Magazine and other international platforms. Read more about Anush.

This exposition is supported by Rasmus Canbäck and others.