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A brand new piece of art. Enhanced in honor a few months ago in the beautiful country of Armenia. 

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the Saint

When I first saw this church years ago I knew I had to visit it one day. To capture it with my camera and transform it into a beautiful piece of art, which it deserves.

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the Independent

A real gem, an abandoned textiel factory. A factory which won prices during her years of producing [found the prices in the main office]. 

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Martijn Walet Photography



A BRAND new book with 260 pages, full with images and stories. With this book I will take you with me on my journeys. Through the lens of my camera I’ll take you to a world that is unknown to many. A world that used to be full of life, energy and experiences, yet one that has been abandoned for decades. You will get to know familiar with some locations I have visited over the passed years, as I tell you their and my story.

Encounter an unique glimpse into the world of the abandoned. A world where time stood still, where dust settled down again, yet the stories remained. Feel the past and experience it in this book.

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