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There is plenty of industry, especially abandoned industry, in Armenia. With certain incidents of light and the available colours, these places create special compositions. And that is precisely what I like int his beautiful country. View this unique work in an abandoned brick factory... or was it not a brick factory...

Abandoned factories in Armenia can be found in various regions, with some located in the capital city of Yerevan and others scattered throughout the countryside. These abandoned industrial sites often stand as silent witnesses to the economic transitions and challenges faced by the country over the years. While some abandoned factories have been left to decay, others have been repurposed or renovated for different uses such as housing, commercial spaces, or cultural centers. Additionally, there have been efforts by the government and private investors to revitalize certain industrial areas as part of economic development initiatives.

TOZ - Smart Art | Martijn Walet Photography
TOZ - Smart Art | Martijn Walet Photography