Change the art in your home in an instant. With our textile cloths you will have a new beautiful work of art in your home in no time.

Lined up

Tucked away in a wooded section of wilderness, you will find this incredible place. A place full of deserted cars, the grounds still property of the heirs. Free to walk around, so long as I harbored and acted out of respect. As I walked these grounds, I knew I couldn’t capture its beauty in the limited time I had… If only I could’ve stayed a whole week. This car graveyard can be seen as a monument overcoming passed time and is currently something of an art installation with nature as an active curator. Walking through the forest blanketed with moss. It truly was an enchanting experience.

By buying this piece of Art, you buy something special. It is possible to change the artwork with another, when needed or feeling like it.
Your frame, which is bought within the complete package, will remain on the wall. Just pull out the artwork and squeesh in the new one.
(pay attention you need to hang the frame on the wall yourself. Of course we provide a manual)

Lined up | Martijn Walet Photography
Lined up | Martijn Walet Photography