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copper lines

There is plenty of industry, especially abandoned industry, in Armenia. With certain incidents of light and the available colours, these places create special compositions. And that is precisely what I like in this beautiful country. Colors and beautiful line work in this former copper mine. Copper is one of the most important materials mined in Armenia. The process is long and dirty.

In here I found some beautiful linework.

Armenia has a rich history of copper mining dating back thousands of years. One of the most famous ancient copper mines in Armenia is the Teghut Mine, which is located in the Lori Province. Under Soviet rule, copper mining in Armenia was industrialized and expanded. The Alaverdi and Kapan mines, among others, were important copper-producing facilities during this period. The Soviet government invested heavily in the development of Armenia's mining sector, which contributed to the country's industrialization. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia's mining sector faced challenges due to economic turmoil and the transition to a market economy. However, copper mining remains an important industry in Armenia today, with several mines in operation, including the aforementioned Teghut Mine.

Copper Lines - Smart Art | Martijn Walet Photography
Copper Lines - Smart Art | Martijn Walet Photography