Hard Work

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Through out history, architecture and industrie has stood as a representation of society, reflecting the values …… abandoned engineering.

Hard Work

In every country you’ll find industry. Industry in any kind and way. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work, even in the old days. In the ordinary business of life, industry can do anything which genius can do, and very many things which it cannot. You’ll be amazed how many industrial locations that have been abandoned by the years in several countries.

Visiting as the one of the firsts ever. And after my post on social, this loc “exploded”. Later on I heard that some fines where handed over by the police to some visitors. 

This powerplant has been on my list to visit for some years. And then finally it was time. Underneath the floor you will find a magnificent space on a gigantic site. There where light and dark are playing with each other

Never finished because the nuclear reactor exploded in 1986. I’m talking about Chernobyl here. This cooling tower would serve, among other things, for nuclear reactors #5 and #6, which are also never completed.

Guido van Helten made a murial in honor of the 30th birthday of the disaster.

As “we” were part of the program Het Perfecte Plaatje (read more), we later got the invite to come back on take some shots of this awesome location. 

Propaganda was nothing special in the communist years. Special rooms were even set up for this. To fully focus on all the good things about communism.

During the program  “Het Perfecte Plaatje” no one of the candidates saw this control room. Too bad because this could have been a special shot with a model. Especially since the light enters here in a special way.

Where there is industry, there is also a research center or a laboratory. the office was still full of filled bottles of liquids

Old times are gone and will not return in this form. Textiles have been a hot item in this region for hundreds of years. With the rise of significant inflation, the industry was sucked out of this region

By wind and weather now completely stuck and rusted. These rollers where the textile went over in this abandoned factory. The factory covers a particularly large site.

encounter lost vehicles or transportation

The last 100 years our worldwide transport has taken a flight. So hard that the most beautiful transportation objects will be replaced in a matter of time. Not just cars; even trains, plains and industrial transportation. Along the road I’ve been travelling I’ll find some beautys “laying” around. The best vehicles are the ones that are timeless. 

Well in some cases “quality never goes out of style”