Back on track

quality never goes out of style

Abandoned transportation, from cars, plains ’till unbelievable machinery. You’ll encounter them while urban exploring. Some cars will be covered with mos, some will be rusted, some are houses for new habitation.

Back on Track

The last 100 years our worldwide transport has taken a flight. So hard that the most beautiful transportation objects will be replaced in a matter of time. Not just cars; even trains, plains and industrial transportation. Along the road I’ve been travelling I’ll find some beautys “laying” around. The best vehicles are the ones that are timeless.ย 

Well in some cases “quality never goes out of style”

encounter abandoned castles

Some of the most fascinating people in history are the great kings and leaders. This is partly due to the fact that theyโ€™re usually well documented in history, but they also often had larger-than-life personas. A king is an authority unto himself, and is thus often depicted as a figure well above a mere mortal. The legends of these kings have long captured our imaginations.

But have they been royals / kings or are they self named kings ….