the Urban Ones V1

 -  November 02, 2022  -    Urban Art


"The Urban Ones" marks the captivating convergence of two distinct artistic realms as Martijn Walet and Micky Hoogendijk join forces in a groundbreaking collaboration. Hailing from disparate corners of the art world, Walet and Hoogendijk embarked on a transformative journey during the spring in Italy, where they embarked on a compelling new project. This dynamic partnership serves as a testament to the unifying power of art, transcending boundaries to create something truly extraordinary.


“I am increasingly looking for collaboration in projects when it comes to my photography. Still looking for the theme of Strength & Vulnerability, it inspires me not to be alone on set all the time. This was an excellent opportunity to see what The Ones radiate in photo work.”

Micky Hoogendijk


“With my photography I capture a world of stories, imagination, mystery and history. The beauty of that which has been abandoned by man, the beauty of decay”. How nice is it to combine two worlds, merching as one.

Martijn Walet

This location is a special location, a sacred location. An old church built in 1277 on the foundations of an even older monastery. The foundations are still there to this day. This abandoned church is located near the holy and healing water that flows from the Alps. History tells the story of a farmer that let his sick lamb swim in the water after which she rose again as reborn in 1295.

Over the past hundreds of years, the church has been visited by various royal families for them to be baptized.
The church has been abandoned for over 50 years and is in a serious state of decay

The work can be seen in the gallery in Hoogeloon throughout the summer.