Power in the Plant - Powerplant V

 -  December 04, 2023  -    Journeys

Hydroelectric plants offer several advantages, such as the use of a renewa- ble energy source, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the produc- tion of clean and reliable energy, and the ability to store energy. However, the construction of dams and the impact on river ecosystems can have significant environmental consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough assessments of environmental impacts and take mitigating measures when planning and operating hydroelectric power plants.

Centrale Iddroelettrica was a hydroelectric power station, built in the early 1900s. The power plant was built at the foot of a mountain and power was produced using the energy of water stored at the top. Water could be pum- ped back up during times when demand for electricity was low, and stored for peak times.

Water is still running from the mountains underneath the complex. Stan- ding in here I could hear the running water, birds nesting, giving me a serene feeling.

Powerplant V Hallway

Build back in the early 1900’s, this hydroelectric power plant, is a type of infrastructure that converts the potential or kinetic energy of water into electrical energy. These plants use the force of moving water to drive a turbine connected to an electric generator. The building and the rest of the site is build in an art deco architecture.

The plant used to provide energy for the surrounding factory’s, chemical plant and the bigger complex which it is part of. It is believed that the chemical plant produced a lot of waste and che- mical air dust. Which led to a lot of discussion in the area.


In here plants are growing “back” again, birds are nesting while the water still runs beneath. In the meanwhile the building(s) are crumbling and fal- ling apart. Which is not strange for this old lady.

The plant stays in a real state of decay at this point. The way I like them.

To get in here I needed good coope- ration with my fellow photographers. After all, you have to cross an immen- se fence and then walk a long route through disintegrating buildings.

The sun rose beautifully on this early but warm morning through the roof of the power station.