-  November 14, 2023  -    Urban Art / News

Photobook: "Through the ashes of Time"

I am very excited to announce my first book “Through the Ashes of Time”. A photobook that gives you a glimpse of my journeys over the last years.

Encounter an unique glimpse into the world of the abandoned. A world where time stood still, where dust settled down again, yet the stories remained. Feel the past and experience it in this photo book. The book contains 100 + high-quality photos, taken during the adventures of the past years.

Through the lens of my camera I’ll take you to a world that is unknown to many. A world that used to be full of life, energy and experiences, yet one that has been abandoned for decades. A world that became my Urban Art, my way to narrate, my way to capture discretely. From the dust in several mansions, to the rust in abandoned industry. Photobook Through the Ashes of Time gives you a glimpse of the forgotten past. Places where time has stood still.

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