And Justice for All

 -  November 14, 2023  - 

Palace of Justice

In some occasions I’d like to visit extraordinary architecture and so heading up to Brussels to visit this magnificant palace of Justice. The architecture is just so amazing to behold. The Brussels Palace of Justice is a courthouse located on Place Poelaert in Brussels, Belgium. With a built-up area of ​​26,006 m², it was among the largest structures in the world when completed in 1883 and is still the largest building of its kind.

Designed by the architect Joseph Poelaert

In an eclectic style of Greco-Roman inspiration, to replace an older courthouse,vthe current building was erected between 1866 and 1883. With a ground surface of 26,006 m2 (279,930 sq ft), the edifice is reputed to be the largest constructed in the 19th century and remains one of the largest of its kind. The total cost of the construction, land, and furnishings was somewhere in the region of 50 million Belgian francs.

The building suffered heavy damage during World War II, when the cupola was destroyed, and later rebuilt higher than the original. The whole structure has been under renovation since 1984.

Le Palais de Justice (Justice Palace) in Brussels is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in Europe. t’s a symbolic place with a long history, built on the (rather aptly named) Mont des Potences, meaning Gallows Hill, where condemned men were executed in the Middle Ages. Legend has it that in the 16th century, the famous doctor Vesalius went there at night to steal corpses so that he could study the human body…

A huge building downtown Brussels Belgium

The Brussels Palace of Justice was built on a colossal scale, on a high plateau overlooking the historic center of Brussels. More information about this magnificant place…. visit this website.