“When she Sings” is an ode to one of the most beautiful personalities I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I've rarely met a lady with such a soft, friendly and sincere personality as Nvard. Nvard took us to this temple, this very specific place. While I was busy working, she started singing beautifully. Can you imagine what her voice sounded like in this room? She sang in a universal language that made goosebumps run all over my body.

The Geghard complex is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a medieval Armenian monastery that is completely intact. It is located in a remote but beautiful nature reserve at the beginning of the Azat Valley, surrounded by towering cliffs. The Monastery of Geghard was founded in the 4th century and was famous for its relics. The Geghar complex is a collection of churches and tombs – mostly carved into a rock – and its architectural style represents the pinnacle of Armenian medieval architecture and decorative arts. Its many innovative features greatly influenced later developments in the region.

When she Sings - When she Sings sku: Art-1

Extra Info:

Printed on FineArt Baryta paper
Size 70 cm x 50 cm

Exhibited during the Silent Witness Exposition | Forgotten Armenia

When she Sings | Martijn Walet Photography
When she Sings | Martijn Walet Photography

Printed on FineArt Baryta, a paper that sets the tone for high color depth, large color range and image sharpness. This special paper gives the artwork a “wow” factor, especially on extremely high density prints and fine gray tones. The use of barium sulphate in the premium inkjet coating provides the typical shine that makes this artwork a real eye-catcher.

Framed with a custom made, high-end frame; QD Black Frame incl. hanging system.