After working hard in this tough industry, there must be a moment when you can relax during your break...

Remnants of her industrial past. During the Soviet era, Armenia was heavily industrialized, with factories contributing to various sectors such as textiles, machinery, chemicals, and electronics. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent economic challenges faced by Armenia, many factories either shut down or struggled to remain operational.

Take a Break - Take a Break sku: Art-9

Extra Info:

Printed on FineArt Baryta paper
Size 80 cm x 60 cm

Exhibited during the Silent Witness Exposition | Forgotten Armenia

Take a Break | Martijn Walet Photography
Take a Break | Martijn Walet Photography

Printed on FineArt Baryta, a paper that sets the tone for high color depth, large color range and image sharpness. This special paper gives the artwork a “wow” factor, especially on extremely high density prints and fine gray tones. The use of barium sulphate in the premium inkjet coating provides the typical shine that makes this artwork a real eye-catcher.

Framed with a custom made, high-end frame; QD Black Frame incl. hanging system.