In Armenia, many industrial locations are completely empty and abandoned. Once you can enter, you walk into an actual time capsule.

This also applies to this textile factory, a factory that has even won awards in the past for its excellent quality of textiles.

Art of Sewing - When she Sings sku: Art-2

Extra Info:

Printed on FineArt Baryta paper
Size 70 cm x 50 cm

Exhibited during the Silent Witness Exposition | Forgotten Armenia

Art of Sewing | Martijn Walet Photography
Art of Sewing | Martijn Walet Photography

Printed on FineArt Baryta, a paper that sets the tone for high color depth, large color range and image sharpness. This special paper gives the artwork a “wow” factor, especially on extremely high density prints and fine gray tones. The use of barium sulphate in the premium inkjet coating provides the typical shine that makes this artwork a real eye-catcher.

Framed with a custom made, high-end frame; QD Black Frame incl. hanging system.