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The Art of Living” magazine started in 2001 with its first edition in the Netherlands. Publisher and owner Toon Thijssen constructed a villa with an office, seeking suppliers and professional companies from various sources to make this vision a reality. After visiting various places, flipping through magazines, and making contacts, the idea emerged to consolidate all this into one magazine. Over the years, it has evolved beyond that initial concept. In addition to the magazine, which now appears six times a year in the Netherlands and four times a year in Belgium, two hardcover books are launched annually, along with several specials. The hardcover books (“Villas, Apartments & Lofts”) are stylish coffee table books with over 500 pages of exclusive home inspiration.

Three times a year, topic-focused specials are released: Outdoor Living, Bathrooms & Kitchens, and Real Estate & Travel. The strength of The Art of Living lies in the fact that almost all content, including photography, text, and design, is original material presented nowhere else.


Collaboration with the Art of Living

In places where exceptional art thrives, the essence of refined living emerges. It provides an excellent stage for showcasing my exquisite artworks. The Art of Living not only presents my fine art but also ensures the preservation and promotion of the distinctive creations and artists it collaborates with.

Encounter my artworks at the Art  of Living

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