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I can imagine, buying a piece of art brings multiple questions. Questions about sizes, prices or perhaps an enquiry for an unique piece of art. Don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be glad to answer you as soon as possible. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

Villa Beckers

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Of course you make the choice to buy a work of art. And I know better than anyone that buying a work of art does not happen overnight.

You have to be attracted to the art, unite yourself with it. Eventually you will see that every time you look at the artwork, stories begin to come alive and explain themselves. This makes my artworks unique.

Each artwork has his or her own story. Even more …. in my opinion …. each artwork has 3 stories; the story of the location, the your story and my story. What we see is what we behold. I will tell you the true story, but i find it very important that you devise your own.

Unique pieces are available, but may not published on my site. Meaning … lets get in contact and we will discuss an unique piece of art just for you. Several clients [will not be published] have gone before you.

Yes, that is possible. Please contact me for questions or enquire. Please fill in the name of the published photo you saw and your wishes.
Several photo’s can be seen in the photo-series, gallery, or even on my instagram page.


We ship throughout and to every country in the world. Shipping costs depend on a number of factors such as country, size of artwork and unfortunately the fluctuation of carrier prices

Please use the enquire button for queries relating to the availability and price of the artwork.

Each artwork is a custom made piece. Size may vary on the piece of art. 

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