Bastnas ..... tucked away car graveyard

Tucked away in a wooded section of wilderness, you will find this in- credible place. A place full of deserted cars, the place is still property of the heirs. But free to walk around with a lot of respect. It took me more than 2 days to take my shots and not nearly done. I could stay there a whole week.

Offcourse one of the shots became a beautiful piece of art. Produced on high quality special paper.

Started as a family business

The junkyard was initially started by two reclusive brothers (Rune and Tore) in the 1950s, who collected old, abandoned cars. Customers mainly came from Norway, where there were strict laws on importing cars at that time. The brothers demounted a car into three pieces and then transported the pieces to Norway, where they were reassembled.

Bastnas ..... tucked away car graveyard

Present day, the scrapyard comprises around 1 000 vehicles and enjoys the reputation of being the only scrapyard of its kind in Northern Europe. Most of the cars and buses are from the 1950s and 60s.

The former scrapyard has today been transformed by visitors and can be redefined as a car graveyard. This car graveyard can be seen as a monument over passed time and is currently something of an art installation with nature as an active curator.


In the Woods

From the serie “Back on Track”, also included in “Photobook Through the Ashes of Time” comes this Fine piece of Art in to the Woods.

A composition that I haven’t seen before ….. right in the woods. This American beauty has been standing still for several decades. Embraced by the woods giving it an extra dimension.

Embrace the story within your about the purchase.

Backing 4 mm Dibond
Printed on Fine Art cotton/paper
Museum glass