I am proud to announce that my artwork will be displayed in the gallery of Balthasar as of July 2021.

In the capital of Europe at a prime location you will find Balthasar Brussels. Only a couple of miles away from London and Paris. Balathasar stands for elegance and unique art within her historical building.


sed. 2021:
At the moment there are two big art pieces at Balthasar:
“Psychic Door” in a Limited Edition of 11 and “Corporal Punishment makes no sense” in a Limited Version of 18. Both works are custom made and hand crafted. Not like the “normal” stuff you see around. In this case I honestly can say …… High End and exclusive.

Captured again in 2020, psychic door gives you a glimpse of the past. Unique in its own way, unique hand made.

Exhibition has ended in jan. 2022

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